Elephant in Mole National Park

This morning started out with pancakes and nutella and filter brewed coffee. It was a great start, even if emblematic of how much we both miss good food. Our driver and guide picked us up at 8am. The sky was perfect, only a few wisps of clouds, and easily one of the best (and hottest!) days yet. After half an hour the road turned from paved to dirt. For the next two hours, we bounced, literally our whole way there. The road is the worst I’ve ever seen, in part because it’s so long, and even in a 4×4 you could hear the suspension whining in protest. We passed idyllic villages, mud and thatched roof circular huts, children playing on the road side, waving as we passed.  We also passed a multitude of public transport vehicles, all stuffed, incredibly dirty, and if moving the passengers were visibly unnerved. Private transport was certainly the right choice.

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