Religion, Everywhere.

Each morning, on the bumpy ride to work I stare out the window, confronted with signs such as “Jesus Saves Hair Salon.” Or, perhaps, “Our Redeemer Construction.” Reading these, you might think Ghana is religious. You would be right. Predominantly Christian, but with a strong Muslim following, with a smattering of other/local religions, Ghana is like most of the developing world, fiercely religious. I found in Tanzania, when asked if you were religious, the answer was, yes, of course-catholic to be specific-lest you want an hour lecture (out of concern, not malice) about your after-life, regardless of your true beliefs. So, I’ve taken a cautious approach and change the subject whenever possible. As a side note, those signs, which constantly provide entertainment aren’t just religious, like east Africa (Bling Bling Barber Shop comes to mind)-there are plenty of other, I’ll say, interesting names and signs postings (often on the back of trotros).  For example, next to the previously mentioned hair salon is a wall with a note spray painted large enough to likely see from a plane: STOP URINATING HERE FOOL. Apparently, it’s problem.

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