On Learning to Run

It seems like everyone is a runner these days. And not just running a few times of week for health, but training for their third marathon, or an ultra, or a triathlon.  My social media is littered with photos of people training for serious races, just this morning I saw an 18-mile post and a trail run from a future ultra-runner (current multi-marathoner).  And those are just the one’s posting on social media, I know there are plenty more quietly putting in the miles and not announcing it. Running really is trendy right now. Which, I should first point out, means I clearly know some awesome individuals killing it in the athletic department. But also as a result, prior to starting to run I was a bit intimidated by these athletes. In my first few weeks of running I was just excited to break a 30min 5k. And while I’m still many months away from being able to run something like a marathon (if I decide I want to do that), I’m finally feeling like a legitimate runner. I drank the kool-aid and am fully infatuated with my new sport. Continue reading