24 Hours to Departure

My life in three bags, for the next 4.5 months. A trip in the making for at least as long. I’ve printed my boarding pass. For the first time, it all feels very real. I feel light, and excited to begin my adventure. Though I will miss people and the easy comfort of home I can’t help feeling elated and a bit cathartic. Life in Northern California for the past few months has been wonderful, relaxed for the most part filled with the company of loved ones. And though I will miss waking each morning here I can’t help but notice how the everyday is beginning to blend as I cease to notice the little things, or appreciate just how beautiful it is here. Travel is so intoxicating in part because every little thing is an adventure, from the procuring of coffee to making my way through a city filled with new sights and smells. I feel deliriously alive, and when I return home it is no longer the same, but renewed as if seeing it for the first time. In this way, life is constantly full , new, exciting. Though uncomfortable and frustrating at times, it is fulfilling in a way unmatched by anything else I’ve experienced thus far.  Continue reading