Lake Side

This morning, we slept in. Waking up at the late hour of 8am. Not that it mattered, breakfast wasn’t served until then anyway, clearly catering to a primarily volunteer based crowd. We started out the morning with coffee and shared pancakes, the only downside of a remote destination is the 300% mark-up on food, meaning we have to share all our meals to keep on budget, luckily, portions are pretty big. Granted, $7 a plate may seem cheap, but when meals normally cost between $2-3, and you only want to spend $35 usd/day/person including lodging and transportation $7 is a bit much. We’ve been quite proud of our ability to stick to a moderate budget (backpackers can do it for as little as $15/day). Granted, the main reason we’re “roughing it” is so that we can afford a night at one of Ghana’s best private beach resorts later this week. Plus, it sort of becomes a competitive game of how little we can spend, subsequently resulting in a fair number of street food meals (which are delicious) for less than $1. Overall, though we’ve been pleasantly surprised on just how far our money gets us.

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