18 days?!?!

I keep forgetting we’re leaving in just over two weeks. But, I have been preparing! Or, shopping anyway. I’m finally taking the plunge and purchasing some legitimate gear, especially since SEA is a trek I’d like to make while I’m still young enough to want to rough it. So, I purchased a 50L pack from Osprey based on a recommendation stating “if you travel by bus, which you probably will, and want to see your luggage again (certainly anyway) you ought to backpack it”. Since regular luggage doesn’t fit overhead (nor in your lap). And besides, I have a few treks I’d like to make that require such gear-EBC anyone? Or other Nepal treks besides base-camp. Not to mention, I really geek out over gear. I always have, even without a trip in the future. When I was a teenager, I wanted to rock climb because I thought the shoes and gear were awesome (regardless of the fact that I didn’t actually know a thing about rock climbing, nor if I even liked it). Wandering REI is a dangerous affair-“ohhh! an ice-pick-I need that right?” No, no I do not. Though, my new backpack does have loops for them, if I do ever decide to summit Mt. McKinley. I need a shopping buddy to keep me in check.

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