The Geopolitics of Food

I am not a fatalist. Perhaps, I’m naive. I keep up with foreign and domestic politics, generally, but perhaps not enough. From war to natural disaster, we all know that person who insists, the world is at a breaking point. I have faith, that as humans we will continue to innovate new solutions. While humanity has seen the depths of cruelty and disregard we are capable of, I honestly believe in the limitless kindness and ingenuity of human nature. While I think awareness is essential, obsessive focus on negative is of little use, and only results in extreme frustration. I generally stay away from topics such as this, in part because I’m tired of hearing these doom-day cries from people who continue to offer no solutions, as well as arguments for the sake of arguing and hearing oneself speak. And although I can’t pretend I have any real answers, the global politics of food and hunger are of immense interest to me.

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Food Adventures

It should come as no surprise that a big part of traveling for me, is the food. I think there’s no better way to experience a new culture than to dive into it’s local cuisine. The unfortunate prevalence of western fast food was hard for me when I visited Lima, which has such a rich, deeply rooted food culture reflective of it’s history. Every dish there had a story, and I learned so much about the history of the country simply by culinary exploration. The diluted, flavorless western food is such a waste and I certainly hope it never causes a loss of such fantastic culinary history.

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