Refueling a Love Affair with My Kitchen


In the past few months my usual high-spirited love for all things culinary related had hit an all time low. I worried that it was emblematic of my general inability to keep an interest in something longer than a few months. Aside from travel and food, most things in my life fall into this category. I continued to cook and bake, but didn’t enjoy it as much as usual, and while nothing I made was bad, I think, I do believe my lack of interest reflected in the quality. Perhaps I was busy with other things. But, cooking and baking has always been my refuse from the world, and though I’d get occasional sparks of inspiration, it didn’t happen often. I had stopped perusing my usual blogs. In part, I’m sure being outside the US, where everything I know culinary wise exists was hard. But, it was also a bit sad, to lose a bit of something I loved so much.  Continue reading