Cleveland: Final Notes


Cleveland: not so bad.

While I certainly am not necessarily¬†interested in moving here permanently (or even more than a few months), partially due to¬†the fact that their winters sound horrendous, Cleveland is not remotely as terrible as a lot of people told us it would be. Or in the case of one friend, who just laughed hysterically when we told her we’d be here for a month, it was not hilariously awful. It was in fact, perfectly pleasant. Perhaps a bit…vanilla at times, it was by no means an unpleasant stay. Which, I’m counting as a win.

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Los Angeles to Cleveland

We first noticed the stifling heat of East Coast summer giving way to a pleasantly warm, ocean breeze filled evening. We felt ourselves relax, within minutes of being in LA, it felt like returning home. Los Angeles is an unlikely contender for a favorite city for both of us, and yet, when we think about where we’d like to end up, it sits firmly in the top ranks. You’d think we’d hate it here, the traffic, the perpetual summer, the superficiality. But we don’t. We love it (most of the time). Los Angeles is many things, but it always unapologetic in its absurdity. It’s a city that recognizes it’s contradictions. Though finding your place here can be difficult, once you do, it’s home. For us, that’s always been the east side, and while the west side often results in a fair amount of eye rolling from both of us, we still love it. In some odd, love to hate sort of way that keeps brining us back. It’s also where the ocean is.

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