And Now I Wait.

I can see on the extended forecast that it will be raining in Hong Kong the day I arrive. Not that this particularly matters, since I’ll be in HK for about three hours before connecting to Bangkok (and then Delhi, and finally Kathmandu), but the fact that I can even see the date March 19th closely enough for a weather prediction is pretty exciting.  Feeling so close to leaving (9 days!) has resulted in a frantic attempt to finish everything on my “to-do” list with rapid efficiency. With that list complete, and my bags packed I’m struggling to find things to do. I’ve researched the heck out of my itinerary, and everything is in order. So now, I wait.  Continue reading


Two Weeks to Go: Timing is Everything.

This journey really began in August, 2009. When I return home this time, it will mark the three-year anniversary of the first time I went abroad. Since that time most everything in my life has changed and evolved to such an extent that my previous life, a mere few years ago seems a distant past, a girl I recognize but can’t quite relate to. When I left the first time I was searching for myself, and came back more lost then when I had left. The reverse culture shock was jarring, I was resentful towards my home country. But I got better, I learned. It’s taken much time since then to begin to figure out, really, what is important. Continue reading

Travel Confessions: I’m a Closet Nervous-Traveler.

In the past, a lack of planning resulted in a fair bit of this.

If my planning for my upcoming trip has taught me anything, it’s that I’m way more nervous than I thought I was when it comes to travel. And I’m starting to wonder if my compulsive planning has really just been a method to calm the nervous energy surging through my body, which has been steadily increasing as the days until departure diminish. Continue reading