Gonder is our entrance to the Simien Mountains, where we’ll be trekking for the next few days. Continue reading


Arrival: Addis


We landed after midnight. Our first welcome back to Africa was negotiating down an exorbitant taxi fee to our hotel, which as it turned out was not our hotel. But we didn’t find that our until morning. Travel delirious, we slept almost until noon on our first day in Addis.

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Next Up: Ethiopia.


Mid-December we head off to Northern Ethiopia for three weeks, with a stop over in Istanbul! After our last vacation to Nicaragua, where we seriously honed in on our travel style, I’m incredibly excited for this adventure. I’ve wanted to visit Ethiopia for the past four years, and I can’t believe we have the opportunity to go. Two 4.5 hour flights and we’re in East Africa, that still seems impossible to me as a native USA west-coaster. We’ll be doing the classic northern loop and are beyond elated at the prospect of certain adventure, mishaps included. Continue reading